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Environment and Gene Regulatory Influence Network (EGRIN)

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This model is a supplement to the following paper:

Bonneau, R., Facciotti, M.T., Reiss, D.J., Schmid, A.K., Pan, M., Kaur, A., Thorsson, V., Shannon, P., Johnson, M.H., Bare, J.C., Longabaugh, W., Vuthoori, M., Whitehead, K., Madar, A., Suzuki, L., Mori, T., Chang, D.-E., DiRuggiero, J., Johnson, C.H., Hood, L., Baliga, N.S.
A Predictive Model for Transcriptional Control of Physiology in a Free Living Cell.
Cell 131(7): 1354-1365, 2007.


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